Steve D Before and After          

“Thank you guys for the great job on these crowns!”

Scott R. Hill, DMD
North End Dental
Colorado Springs, CO

“Excellent lab. Crown over implant was great. Thank you!!”

Victor Colon, DMD
Hamburg, NY

“Fantastic Lab! I have tried a fair number of labs over the years and have to say with complete honesty that they do the best out of any I have used. I would recommend them to any dentist! Great work Zircon! Keep up the great work!”

Thomas Dooley, DMD
Mason, OH

“I just wanted to send a quick note to express my appreciation for your excellent work. Our (your) crowns have been dropping in effortlessly. The margins are always gorgeous. Such ease! Thank you so much!”

Rebecca Cochrane, DMD
North Hampton, MA

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for your service. We have searched for years for a good lab. And it has been HARD! I so appreciate the cases coming in on time, fitting and looking GREAT and also the phone calls to let us know the status on the crown if you need a few more days. In short, YOU GUYS ARE FABULOUS AND WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!”

Roland Markarian, DMD
Lancaster, CA