Flossing – Show Your Dental Patients How

Most patients will either find excuses not to start flossing their teeth or see it as a very inconvenient process. Most dentists like to think this is a part of everyone’s morning and nightly routines, but this is usually pushed aside. Most dentists would say there are convenient ways to floss to address any excuse … Continued

Routine Appointments – The Key To Patient Retention

Getting your patients to schedule routine appointments is extremely important to make your dental office successful. Having a scheduling system that flows smoothly is the key to patient satisfaction and building revenue. Separate Admin Office Hours From Procedure Hours No matter the office’s size, the Doctor must set several hours each week he or she … Continued

Patient Referrals – Grow Your Dental Practice

Marketing your dental practice can be time-consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the resources you already have – patient referrals. Existing patients will always recommend a dental practice they love to their family, friends, and co-workers. Still, the key is to make certain all of your existing patients are happy and … Continued

10 Dental Lies That Need To Stop in 2021

As humans, we tend to believe things that are not necessarily true because they fit our view of the world. Even one dental lie or innocent self-deceptions may seem harmless but can be very costly to professional practice in time, money, and satisfaction. As advisors to dentists, we have found the following to be the … Continued

Dental Practice 2021 Guide – Start With Success

Starting a dental practice can be scary and intimidating for most graduates right out of college. Creating your own dental practice can come with costly mistakes if your business plan isn’t in order. To avoid these expensive mistakes, you must first research, plan, and prepare yourself for success. Prepare yourself What will it take to … Continued